The day has come! #ManchesterMarathon #Run4Hope


So it’s finally here!

Today I’m running my first marathon (found out 12 days ago that I couldn’t run a half-marathon at the Manchester Marathon) – though somewhat trepidated (wish that was a word), I’m excited!

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You can also track us runners via this page on the Manchester Marathon website.

If you’re out to support shout out and wave, I will wave and smile if I recognise you! 

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Wow, scary…I’m actually running a full marathon not half! #ManchesterMarathon


12 days before the challenge, I discovered I had registered to run a full marathon not half a marathon as previously posted. My options were either to pull out, or go ahead. I’m going ahead. Yikes!

Full details in the video above. Please watch, I need all the help I can get.

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Podcast alert and a lovely surprise!


Cross-posting from Insta. Watch the video!

This lovely surprise popped up in the post earlier in the week from the very cool crew at Burns Sheehan.

And this after they featured yours truly in their rather excellent Tales in Tech: Startup Diaries podcast. Thank you Chris, Becca and gang!  

Listen to the 19 November episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Edging closer: Run #8 of 10 done – My 10 x 10km challenge for #Run4Hope #R4H2020


It’s been an intense week! Yesterday, I was at three different events between 9:30am and 2pm, and they were all fantastic in their own way, especially the long awaited Fund Her North launch which I’m involved with.  That was something special indeed.

I had an eye on the weather all day though as I knew I had Run #8 of my 10 x 10km challenge scheduled.

I’m thrilled to say I completed it – a little bleary-eyed as you can see from the ‘after’ video below. 

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Will you sponsor me? Seven of ten 10km runs done, three to go #Run4Hope #R4H2020


I set myself a challenge to run 10km ten times in just under 3 weeks to raise much needed funds for an incredible cause and since my first blog post on 2 October I’ve managed to complete 7 runs, woohoo!

The deadline is this Saturday 17 October, there’s three 10km runs left to do and I’m going to be blogging my way to the end!

I’m doing this challenge to raise £5000 to help transform lives from backgrounds of drug and alcohol addiction through the amazing Global Run 4 Hope campaign.

Will you sponsor me, please?  Please kindly donate what you can – all funds go directly to the charity.

Thank you.  Together we can make a massive difference!

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Featured on the Tech For Good Live podcast


Image credit: @techforgoodlive

Pretty excited to have been featured in the Tech For Good Live podcast.

Renowned for championing the ethical use of technology, it’s got a pretty big following and I had so much fun during the recording I can see why!

It was a pretty interesting episode: we discussed the National Trust and its awkward relationship with slavery/the history of the British colonial empire, adjusting to working from home in a drawn out pandemic, Elon Musk and his experimental brain implant for pigs, and Chadwick Boseman (RIP).

Listen here (Apple Podcasts)