About me (short summary):

Oh the irony! I left my first job out of university as a software engineer to start a live music podcasting business because I wanted to be more creative. Here I am, 10 years on, being a creative software engineer.

I live and work in Manchester, UK.

When not working on Assenty, the social question board mobile web app and service I founded in February 2016, I contract on IT projects requiring specialist professional experience in JavaScript (React and Angular/TypeScript), UX/front-end web development and PHP. Clients include The Co-operative Bank, Swirrl, AgilityWorks, Bosch Automotive Services, Cheshire Datasystems Ltd, The Hut Group, Harrington Brooks, SLG Marketing and the University of Manchester.

About me (long discourse):

I hold an MEng (Honours) degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from the University of York. My degree included an industrial placement year with Nortel Networks at their Harlow Laboratories in Harlow, Essex. Fond memories!

I started doing web development in the early noughties, when I was grateful for Microsoft FrontPage because I couldn’t afford Dreamweaver.

I remember when DHTML was the business!

There will always be new shiny shiny. What is important is how it is used to advance knowledge and communication and bring people together.

Today, for me, Elixir is the business.

This youngish ‘new’ functional programming language and the way it enables the creation of high-performance, scalable and fault-tolerant concurrent software systems was instrumental in my founding Assenty.

I did this with the help of three very special friends, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. It’s been a long and arduous journey but that is what this blog is for 🙂 At some point I’ll blog about what happened to the live music podcasting business, how I became a social media consultant and all the odd jobs I did in between moving from digital marketing back to software engineering.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you try Jesus.

When I’m not at work I can be found at Victory Outreach Manchester, where I dance and make music to (and for) Him.