How to fix this error – Elixir Phoenix: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp connect (localhost:5432): connection refused – :econnrefused


Has been rather a while since I last blogged.  And this update is rather technical so if you’re not into databases or Elixir programming, look away.

Largely documenting a solution to a rather cryptic error I encountered setting up a PostgreSQL database on Elixir Phoenix. Hope it helps someone!

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If you’re a fan of the Phoenix web framework, written in Elixir, you’ll know I blog a little about it.

Here is the long overdue second installment in my Elixir/Phoenix Mix Tips series.

As previously covered, you can use the following command to update an Elixir package hosted on package manager Hex:

mix deps.unlock out_of_date_dependency

And you can also use the handy mix deps.outdated to find out which packages require updating.

But what if you would like to clean out your mix.lock file?

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